New Musical Release: Le Mouvement Final

“Are you the Guardian who will accept and envelop everything?” We are happy to announce our newest release: Le Mouvement Final.  This is the 5th and final of the new musical projects that began with 2013′s La Reconquista. Le Mouvement Final tells the story of the series’ fifth arc regarding Eternal Sailor Moon’s battle against Sailor Galaxia and her Shadow Galactica. At a music festival appearance with popular idol group Three Lights, an enemy Sailor Guardian appears searching for mysterious Star Seeds. Disaster after disaster strikes, and Sailor Moon faces trials and tribulations like she never has before. With new allies, and new[…] Read more

New Musical Release: Amour Eternal

   “This is the place our dreams converge…” We are happy to announce our newest release: Amour Eternal just in time for the great American Eclipse!  This is the 4th of the new musical projects that began with 2013′s La Reconquista.  Amour Eternal tells the story of the series’ fourth arc regarding Super Sailor Moon’s introduction and the battle against the Dead Moon Circus, a villain group that arrives during a total Solar Eclipse…  This musical also introduces a brand new cast for the Sailor Team.     Something strange happens in a single moment during the total Solar Eclipse[…] Read more

Amour Eternal Lyrics are up!

The lyrics for 2016 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Musical – Amour Eternal are now up on SeaofSerenity. You can find them along with lyrics to La Reconquista, Petite Étrangère and Un Nouveau Voyage on the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Musicals page. Full Song List: Speed of Light Otome no Yume Viva, Viva Dead Moon Circus Yami no Shin’en ー Abyss of Darkness Nounai Ohanabatake Double Encouragement Mezame no Toki Inner Venus Shuuketsu ー Yume no Atsumaru Basho Koisuru Satellite Helios e no Omoi Nehelenia no Noroi Changing Fate Amour Eternal ーSpeed of Lightー Lyrics can be found here. Is this[…] Read more

Site Updates

I know it’s been a while since we’ve really posted an update on here. As far as new content and translations go, we are a bit of a hiatus at the moment due to a mixture of real life things keeping both me and Akiko busy at the moment. So things may be slow here and especially on our tumblr for a while. ^^; However, I have a few things I’d like to update everyone on!  1. PGSM is 100% complete! If you don’t follow our tumblr, then you may have missed that we have uploaded and posted ALL of[…] Read more

NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 38

“Our very existence is an ill omen to those who do not want the past life to repeat itself.” The shocking revelations about the Princess leave the girls in a state of shock. Meanwhile Motoki tries to help his new friend adjust to his new life… Usagi tries to talk to the Princess about Mamoru and their relationship in the hopes of understanding her better…   Download Here Read more