NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 24

November 29, 2015 at 10:36 pm



“Who’s the idiot!?”

Usagi realizes that she is still unable to forget about her feelings for Mamoru. Upon Motoki telling her he is leaving to study abroad with Hina, she believes this is her chance to finally forget him. However, when Hina comes to Crown Karaoke after being unable to reach Mamoru, Usagi and Makoto realize he is under attack by Kunzite at the Planetarium. Sailor Moon does her best to save Mamoru and it is there that she finally realizes the true identity of Tuxedo Mask.


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The Deal with Private Mystery Circle

November 22, 2015 at 12:15 pm

Private Mystery Circle is one of the more confusing songs in SeraMyu. If you’ve ever wondered “Wait. What. What was that?” hopefully this will explain it!

We’ll do this verse by verse.

This song MUST be seen in context of ufology and the events of the Black Lady musicals. Throughout this song it seems more and more people are being replaced with droids. Think back to some scenes in the Black Moon arc of the manga and it makes more sense. Basically this is a song that seems cute and sounds innocent but the lyrics have increasingly creepier hidden meanings.

The matter is that I peeked into your eyes…
I found stars, something I’d never seen
I met your gaze and knew with full knowledge…
Those eyes should be… What is this?

Pretty much everything in this song is to do with paranormal phenomena, especially ufology. This song is mainly about droids replacing humans… just without saying droids or humans, think of it like the body snatchers. The first verse is about noticing someone you love not as they should be, in this case something wrong with their eyes.

Maybe, by some chance… (Maybe, by some chance…)
You have multiple personalities
No way! UFO? What are you talking about?
That’s just not, not, not how they should be…
My beloved one… Woo!
Private Mystery Circle!

They now try to find a “reasonable” explanation for what’s going on, suggesting that they have a multiple personality disorder but stating that they love them and that can’t be right. A pun appears here too, with one saying “No way!” (uso) and another confusing it for “ufo”. It should be pointed out here that Private Mystery Circle is not a case of “engrish”, Mystery Circle is a wasei term, Japanese terms made from English. In this case it refers to what we usually call “crop circles”

From the beginning!
Love & Peace
You better take another look at them
Once again…
Dry & Moist, make sure of that!
Return it to zero!
Ding-dong! Ding-dong!
Starting over!

The song takes a creepier turn here on. UFO stands for “Unidentifed Flying Object” UMA for “Unidentified Mysterious Animal”. We do not really use the latter term in English but the Japanese do use it. In this verse, Love & Peace, what humans usually believe in are told to be looked at again and revise these principles. People’s values of Love & Peace are being reconsidered as people are being replaced with droids. Dry & Moist however is less clear, it may refer to the soil of Crop Circles but personally I think this might be a reference to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which this song seems to be a cuter version of, in that the body snatchers come from pods, perhaps dry and moist refers to conditions for plants. Return it to zero refers to the human population, the Black Moon Clan literally intends to replace human beings with droids. That is “starting over”. Listen carefully at the album version and you can hear two kinds of singing. When they say “Love & Peace” it is in a cheerful happy tone but when they say “minaoshite” (take another look) for example, the tone changes into a sort of mocking tone.

Yesterday, perhaps I had thought…
Love was best, for better or for worse…
But some time ago… Within my heart…
Stars were bursting open, making a sound
The Moonlight’s… (The Moonlight’s…) deed, could it be?
Myself and my spirit… (Heart!)
I want to peek into them!
Private Mystery Circle

Now the singers take a term for the worst, they know feel different. Yesterday that had believed in love and now they are being replaced themselves. They are wondering if this is the work of Space. Mamoru says “Contacty” in the lyrics, this is probably a misspellign of “Contactee” someone who aliens have made contact with. Additionally the word spirit (kokoro) and (Heart) are usually equivalent. However, kokoro has unusually been written in the katakana writing system, often used for loanwords, however in other cases such as this it gives a touch of artificial-ness to the line, writing “kokoro” in katakana gives the idea of the person saying it is not truly alive.

From the beginning!
Love & Peace
You better take another look at them
Once again…
Dry & Moist, make sure of that!
Return it to zero!
Ding-dong! Ding-dong!
Starting over!

Back to the chorus. I hope I’ve helped explain another song that people often have had trouble with!

November 15, 2015 at 7:57 pm



ACT 23: In Order to Awaken Her Guardian Powers, Rei Sings”

“If I don’t do this, I won’t be able to awaken my Guardian Powers”

Thanks to Minako’s trouble-making, Rei ends up being forced to sing at a hospital under a new persona, Reiko Mars. Rei only agrees in order to awaken her Guardian Powers for the sake of helping Ami come back. Meanwhile Zoisite appears to Mamoru.



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NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 22

November 1, 2015 at 8:49 pm


“It’s your power, it has begun to awaken.”

Usagi is shocked to find Ami has returned to school and that everyone has now turned against her. Meanwhile the girls reflect on their own roles they played in bringing Ami to where she is now. Vowing to bring Ami back, a new power starts to awaken in Sailor Moon…

Now that Crystal is over, why not starting watching the live-action series?

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October 20, 2015 at 9:08 pm

We have been steadily releasing PGSM over the past couple months. Time to catch up! You can download them on the PGSM Downloads page.



“You haven’t grown as a Guardian at all!”

Usagi is dealing with the revelation that Mamoru has a girlfriend by forcing herself to think about making a scarf for Tuxedo Mask instead. Rei happens to meet Minako as they both show up at the same church for different reasons. When a youma attacks the church, Rei learns the Princess’s true identity.


“Why is my heart pounding like this?”

Minako and Rei have a small competition between each other as they care for the stray dog at the Church, while still investigating the missing youma. In the meantime, Makoto is doing her best to get information about Mamoru and his girlfriend for Usagi. She learns his is engaged and is conflicted on what to tell Usagi. The youma appears again and attacks the Church and the five soldiers finally goto battle together!


“Have you ever fallen in love?”

Usagi spends the day with Hikari, a friend of the family’s daughter. Hikari asks for love advice from Usagi due to Valentine’s Day coming up. It turns out that Hina is the girl Hikari’s crush likes. Can Hikari and Usagi find the courage to give their crushes Valentine’s Day chocolates?


“Calling your companions will be in vain…”

Hikari invites Usagi and Mamoru to “double-date” with her and Daichi. Makoto spies on them to make sure Usagi’s all right now that she’s discovered who Hina is to Mamoru. Meanwhile Rei suspects something is wrong with Minako. But while everyone is so preoccupied, Ami remains alone knitting mittens for her friends… until…