Bara no Himitsu

Bara no Himitsu (バラの秘密) Secret of the Rose, is a song that only appears in the Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen” musical and its revised edition. It is performed by Tuxedo Mask when he saves Sailor Moon from Manneguin and her Manneguin Squadron. The Manneguin Squadron perform the back up vocals.


きみの胸に届けよ ミラクルテレパシー
思い出させてあげる あの日のデスティニー
ああ、なにかしら 知ってるわ この香りなぜなの
きっと どこかで・・・
乱れ飛ぶ 花びらで
しばってしまおう 悪の魔力
あ、なに、これ し・び・れ・る
かたくなな 醜さを
変えてしまおう 美しさに
うっとり うっとり
まっかな バラのつぶてあびたらだれも
し・び・れ・る・ し・び・れ・る
恋の香りが 誘い導くままに
身も心もあずけて 踊れ 踊れ
みんな踊れ バラになって
踊れ 踊れ!


Makka na bara wa atsui
Kokoro no tsubute
Kimi no mune ni todoke yo mirakuru terepashii
Aa, suteki na osugata!
Bara no kaori wa
Tooi kioku no himitsu
Omoidasasete ageru ano hi no desutinii
Aa, nani kashira shitteru wa kono kaori naze nano
kitto dokoka de…
Midaretobu hanabira de
Shibatte shimaou aku no maryoku
A, nani kore shi-bi-re-ru
Katakuna na minikusa wo
Kaete shimaou utsukushisa ni
Uttorii uttorii
Makka na bara no tsubute abitara daremo
Amai doku ni yowasare
Romio to jurietto
Shi-bi-re-ru shi-bi-re-ru
Koi no kaori ga sasoimichibiku mama ni
Mi mo kokoro mo azukete odore odore
Minna odore bara ni natte
Odore odore!


A crimson rose is…
The throwing stone of a burning heart
It will reach your heart… Miracle Telepathy
Ah, what a wonderful guise
The fragrance of a rose is…
The secret to a distant memory
I’ll remind you of it…
That day’s Destiny…
Why do I feel that I know this fragrance?
I’m sure I do, but from where?
With the flower petals flying freely about…
Evil magic is completely bound
What is this? I’ve gone numb!
Obstinate ugliness… I will change it all into beauty
Spellbound, spellbound
Anyone showered by thrown crimson roses
… will become weak on the sweet poison,
Romeo and Juliet…
Feeling numb, feeling numb
As the fragrance of love invites you and leads you
Entrust your body and soul to it, dance, dance…
Everyone dance and become a rose…
Dance… Dance…


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