Harsh! Saint Cry!!

Harsh! Saint Cry!! is a song performed by the Outer Soldiers first appearing in “Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady (Kaiteiban) – Wakusei Nemesis no Nazo” when the Outer Soldiers fight the Four Supernatural Sisters in the Crystal Palace, this song is led by Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. This song was later re-arranged, becoming a duet for only Sailor Uranus and Neptune known aptly as “Harsh! Saint Cry!! (Re-arrange).



Harsh! Harsh!

鳴り響く戦士の 灼熱のリズム
Rushing wind
運命の Princess
体温はあなたを 夜 感じてた

Harsh! Harsh!

海に啼く神秘の 忘却のリズム
My deep sea
この指はあなたを 今 感じてる


Harsh Harsh Uranus!
Harsh Harsh Neptune!

Harsh Myth, Harsh Saint Cry
Harsh Myth, Harsh Domain!

Harsh Myth, Harsh Saint Cry
Harsh Myth, Harsh Break The Silence !!

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Harsh! Harsh!

Narihibiku senshi no shakunetsu no rizumu
Rushing Wind
Unmei no Princess
Taion wa anata wo yoru kanjiteta

Harsh! Harsh!

Umi ni naku shinpi no boukyaku no rizumu
My deep sea
Seijaku no Princess
Kono yubi wa anata wo ima kanjiteru

Toiki wa kouru
Kieru kara moeru kara
Hoshi wa kagayakuyo
Katachi wo kaete mo
Moeru kara kieru kara
Ai wa kagayaku no

Harsh Harsh Uranus!
Harsh Harsh Neptune!

Araburu tsuki wa
Ima michite osorezu ni
Harsh Myth, Harsh Saint Cry
Kono chi no kiseki wo
Tokiakashi yobisamasu
Harsh Myth, Harsh Domain!

Moetatsu hoshi wa
Tokiakasu sakuretsu no
Harsh Myth, Harsh Saint Cry
Harsh Myth, Harsh Break The Silence!!

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Harsh! Harsh!

The incandescent rhythm of an echoing Soldier..
Rushing Wind…
Destined Princess…
My body heat has sensed you in the night

Harsh! Harsh!

The mysterious rhythm of oblivion sings to the ocean
My Deep Sea…
Silent Princess…
These fingers have sensed you right now

Our sighs are frozen…
Because they’ve vanished, because they’ve burned
The Stars will shine
Even if our forms change…
Because they’ve burned, because they’ve vanished
Love will shine

Harsh Harsh Uranus!
Harsh Harsh Neptune!

The untameable Moon…
Now it is full… We know no fear
Harsh Myth, Harsh Saint Cry!
The miracle of this land…
We will explain it, we will awaken it
Harsh Myth, Harsh Domain

The blazing Stars…
They will be explained, they will burst
Harsh Myth, Harsh Saint Cry
Harsh Myth, Harsh Break The Silence!!