Kakyuuouhi to Three Lights

Kakyuuouhi to Three Lights (火球王妃とスリーライツ) Princess Kakyuu and Three Lights, is a song featured in Eien Densetsu and its revised edition by Princess Kakyuu and Three Lights.



花の香りに 身を潜ませて
宇宙にひとつの 光との出会い
希望の光 転生の光よ

今 守るべきは セーラームーン

あくまでも 今は 地球を守り
希望の光の力 信じて

いいえ プリンセス
一刻も早く 金もく星を

心は 銀河えと はやるけれど
希望の光の力 借りなくては

ひとり ひとり 育てた想いは
それぞれ あろうけれど
もう一度 私を信じて
心ひとつに 今は
未来の光 シルバークリスタルを

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Hana no kaori ni mi wo hisomasete
Hitasura machitsuzuketa wa
Uchuu ni hitotsu no hikari to no deai
Kibou no hikari tensei no hikari yo

Warera no hoshi no saisei no tame ni
Ima mamoru beki wa seeraa muun

Akumademo ima wa chikyuu wo mamori
Kibou no hikari no chikara shinjite

Iie Purinsesu
Kono hoshi ni todomaru yori mo
Ikkoku mo hayaku kinmokusei wo

Kokoro wa ginga e to hayaru keredo
Kibou no hikari no chikara karinakute wa

Hitorihitori sodateta omoi wa
Sorezore arou keredo
Mou ichido watashi wo shinjite
Kokoro hitotsu ni ima wa
Mirai no hikari shirubaa kurisutaru wo

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I had hidden myself in the fragrance of flowers
I was determined to continue to wait
To encounter a light in this Universe
The Light of Hope, The Light of Reincarnation

In order to return our planet to life
We must now protect Sailor Moon

We will protect this Earth to the end
Believing in the Light of Hope’s power

No, Princess…
Rather than remaining on this planet…
We must hurry without delay to Planet Kinmoku

My heart is impatient to go into the Galaxy…
We do not need to borrow the Light of Hope’s power

Each of you, each of you
You each have raised your own feelings, however
Just once more, believe in me
Let us now combine our hearts into one
With the Light of the Future, The Silver Crystal


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