La Soldier (Full Orchestra Medley Version)

La Soldier (ラ・ソウルジャー フルオケメドレー Version)), is a a short version of La Soldier performed by Aaron and Manna in “Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady”.



これ以上ムリよ 待てないわ
スレスレで 終らせないで
あなたのすべて 欲しい
ハラリ 滑り落ちて あとは

幾千年 くり返した
あなたからの あいのMoonlight
浴びてわたしは 変わってゆく
鮮やかに 秘めやかにLa Soldier

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Kore ijou muri yo matenai wa
Suresure de owarasenai de
Anata no subete hoshii
Futari wo hedateta suraido ga
Harari suberiochite ato wa
Arawa ni sareta shinju
Manazashi ni semerarete
Kokoro ga sukitooru
Shin made

Ikusennen kurikaeshita
Koi wa shinpi no tatakai ne
Anata kara no ai no Moonlight
Abite watashi wa kawatte yuku
Azayaka ni himeyaka ni La Soldier

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This is beyond impossible, do not wait
We’re almost there, don’t let it end
I want you in your entirety
A slide isolated the two of us
After that, sliding down gently
There, a pearl was revealed
That gaze you pierce me with
It’s like you can see right through my mind
Even to the heart!

Repeated for thousands of years
Love is a battle of mysteries, isn’t it?
From you comes the Moonlight of Love
I’m showered in it… I begin to transform
Brilliantly, Secretly… La Soldier


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