Mou Ii no

Mou Ii no (もういいの) That’s Enough, is an a cappella song performed by Sailor Chibichibimoon to Galaxia in Eien Densetsu and its revised edition. It reappears in Shin Densetsu Kourin, no longer a cappella. In Kakyuuouhi Kourin it returns as a cappella but is now known as “NEW Mou Ii no” despite no difference in lyrics.


あのとき 逃がした
浄らかな あなたがここにいる
もういいの もう戦はないで
わたしが あなたなのだから


Ano toki nigashita
kiyoraka na anata ga koko ni iru
Mou ii no mou tatakawanaide
Watashi ga anata nano dakara


The pure part of you that you
set free that time is right here…
That’s enough, no more fighting…
For I am you…