Tuxedo Mission

Tuxedo Mission (タキシード ミッション), is a song featured in “Usagi – Ai no Senshi e no Michi”, it has the same function in “Henshin – Super Senshi e no Michi” and its revised edition. It is performed by Tuxedo Mask as he rescues Usagi, however the Death Mannetjes appear disguised as Tuxedo Mask to cause confusion. This is repeated in Winter 2000. It appears in Summer 1998 and Summer 2002 as a battle song for Tuxedo Mask.



まっかなバラ 飛ばして
マントを ひるがえす

燃える恋の 花束
炎に 変えて 戦いに

時空の 後方からきた 今

タキシード ミッション
コスモスから 託されて
ミスティック パッション
シュールな愛 炸裂させて

タキシード ミッション
コスモスから 託されて
ミスティック セッション
無限大に 舞い踊らせて

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Yami wo kirisaite
Makka na bara tobashite
Aku wo yurusanai
Manto wo hirogaesu

Mune ni kakushi motsu
Moeru koi no hanataba
Toki ga meizureba
Honoo ni kaete tatakai ni

Kenage na otome no ketsui ni kotaete
Jikuu no kanata kara kita ima

Takishiido misshon
Kosumosu kara takusarete
Misutikku passhon
Shuuru na ai sakuretsu sasete
Takishiido ra sumookingu bonbaa!

Takishiido misshon
Kosumosu kara takusarete
Misutikku sesshon
Mugendai ni maiodorasete
Takishiido ra sumookingu bonbaa!

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Breaking apart the darkness
Throwing roses of deep red
I won’t forgive evil
I will wave my mantle

Concealed within my heart
Is a bouquet of burning love
If chance commands it
I’ll change into flames and charge into battle

I answer to to the determination of brave maidens
From beyond space-time, I came, at once

Tuxedo Mission
Entrusted by the Cosmos…
Mystic Passion
Bursting with surreal love…
Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber!

Tuxedo Mission
Entrusted by the Cosmos…
Mystic Session
Dancing into infinity…
Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber!


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