When Destiny Calls

When Destiny Calls is a song performed by Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon in Un Nouveau Voyage.


Destiny Calls この耳を塞いでも
君との誓いに 導かれる

You’re not alone 運命に揺られても
ハッピーエンドを みせてあげよう

守らずにいられない 愛しきひとよ
けなげな振る舞いに 宇宙も微笑む
戦いの先に広がる 銀の世界
君とこの手で 築いてみせる 必ず

Uh- You hear the call

So take my hand
温かなぬくもり この胸に抱き
染まらずに 真っ直ぐに
絶え間ない争い 降り注ぎながらも
それは確かな 未来への近道

When Destiny Calls


Destiny Calls kono mimi wo fusaide mo
Kimi to no chikai ni michibikareru

You’re not alone unmei ni yurarete mo
Happii endo o misete ageyou

Mamorazu ni irarenai itoshiki hito yo
Kenage na furumai ni uchuu sora hohoemu
Tatakai no saki ni hirogaru gin no sekai
Kimi to kono te de kizuitemiseru kanarazu

Uh- You hear the call

So take my hand
Aatataka na nukumori kono mune ni daki
Somarazu ni massugu ni
Taemanai arasoi furisosoginagara mo
Sore wa tashika na mirai e no chikamichi

Kesshite banare wa shinai
When Destiny Calls


Destiny Calls… Even if I block theses ears of mine…
It leads to my oath with you

You’re not alone, even if rocked by Fate…
I shall show you a happy end

My beloved ones cannot stay unprotected…
Even the skies smile for my gallant deeds
A silver world is spread out before the battle
I will make sure to build it with these hands with you

Uh- You hear the call

So take my hand…
This pleasant warmth… It embraces my chest…
Without being tainted, without deviating…
We will face the fight
Perpetual struggles, while they rain down incessantly
That surely is a shortcut to the Future…

We will never be separated
When Destiny Calls…