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Sea of Serenity.net is a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to providing as highly accurate information and translations of the popular Sailor Moon meta-series as possible. This includes content covering all aspects of Sailor Moon–manga, anime, live action, and musicals. Our current main goal is to provide an easy access and hub of all Sera Myu video content possible.  We are currently translating all the musicals and will continue on to the extra videos and fan kanshas.  Soon you will be able to watch all the Sailor Moon musicals with one consistent translation source! We are also working on translating the live action version of Sailor Moon often referred to as PGSM plus other side projects.



SeaofSerenity.net was founded by two very avid Sailor Moon fans, Hikari Sama and Akiko Hime. You could say that one is the “brains” of the operation while the other is the “muscle”. With their powers combined, they created a Sailor Moon fansite for all filled with translations and other fun tidbits! Despite living in countries half way across the world for each other, they have both loved Sailor Moon since childhood and that love of Sailor Moon has brought them together for this website.

This is everyone on our staff and what we do.

  • Akiko Hime is SeaofSerenity’s translator. She also does timing, typesetting, editing, proofreading, as well as providing general content for the site (for example her “Name Origins” series!).
  • Hikari sama is the web and graphics designer. She also helps Akiko proofread, encodes the videos for uploading, uploads them, and provide general content for the site (example: “What is Sera Myu?” page).

Both Akiko Hime and Hikari sama help run the SeaofSerenity tumblr.

Please note that at this time, while offers are very appreciated, we are not open to adding additional staff.




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