Kiyoshi Kono Yoru

Kiyoshi Kono Yoru (きよしこの夜) This Pure Night, better known as “Silent Night” in English is a song cover by Peach Hips as their respective characters for their SuperS Christmas for you album.


きよしこの夜 星は光
すくいのみ子 まぶねのなかに
ねむりたもう いとやすく

きよしこの夜 みつげうけし
まきびとたちは み子のみまえに
ぬかずきぬ かしこみて

きよしこの夜 み子の笑みに
恵みのみ世の あしたの光
輝けり ほがらかに


Kiyoshi kono yoru hoshi wa hikari
Sukui no miko wa mabune no naka ni
Nemurita mou itoyasuku

Kiyoshi kono yoru mitsugeukeshi
Makibitotachi  wa miko no mimae ni
Nukazukinu kashikomite

Kiyoshi kono yoru miko no emi ni
Megumi nomi yo no ashita no hikari
Kagayakeri hogaraka ni


This Pure Night, the stars are lights
God’s child of salvation in the horse’s trough
Shortly, the young child will sleep there peacefully

This Pure Night, they receive the divine message
The shepherds in the presence of the young child
They bowed down respectfully

This Pure Night, the young child smiled
Nothing but grace, the world’s light of tomorrow
Brightly and cheerfully

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