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  1. Hey there. Was just wondering which dvd release of the live action sailor moon you used for your subs; the old dvds with four episodes per disc or the new complete boxed set?

    1. Sorry for the delay! I’ve been out of town for the past week. I believe we used the old DVDs with four episodes per disc (and the extras, which we did not subtitle). I’d have to double check my raws on my home PC to be certain though.

  2. Hikari-Sama! I saw you left a post on nya…… Can you seed the raw files for
    [パステル][HLS-RAW] Sailor Moon Nelke 2013-2017 Musicals [720p][NicoLive]

    It has been 2 days long, stucked at 3.7%

    Thank you!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I have it seeding again and can leave it up for a few days. I have to be careful with it since my ISP has (very annoying) data caps. :/

      1. Oh it was you, I was wondering who would have seed us, thank you!

        But we’re still stucked at 31.3%, how come there weren’t any other seeder than you, that’s so weird.

        Do ISP has data caps nowadays, are you using broadband?

          1. Sorry, I had my PC shut down for a while (stupid breaker flipped for some reason and gave me trouble) but I think I opened my torrent client back up when I turned it back on finally. And yeah my ISP has a data cap (it’s Cox Communications) and yes it’s broadband. I’ve heard many ISPs do it now (like Comcast). It’s a large data cap but I had been torrenting a large SM media torrent last month since some of my old raw files had gotten corrupted on an old harddrive (RIP). Only just noticed…never hit the cap before but I figure people were just seeding off of me and it added up. They charged me too! I’d switch ISPs but its the only broadband in my area so I’m stuck. 🙁

          2. No wonder you complained about the data cap. If there were data cap, there should be a quota meter indicates the bandwidth usage. Is it bind with your phone?

            Did you heard of satelite ISP? I wasn’t living in the USA, so I saw different plans offered for 384kbps, etc. I was wondering if they are real?

            What other SM medias you’re talking about aside the musical play?

            If you would like to seed other files, actually you can get a seedbox pretty much cheap like 1 euro per month, say seedboxws.

            1. Yeah, I have heard of satellite ISPs but I don’t think they have very high speed options in my area. Where I live, I currently have the highest speed provider (though I’m actually paying a tier down from their highest speed option. Then it costs more regardless of what speeds your paying for to have unlimited data). Personally, I don’t like to seed too often as there is always a risk of a cease & desist and Id rather save myself some potential legal trouble and money AND keep SOS alive by keeping everything low key.

              There is a torrent out there uploaded by someone going by “Seiya”. It has raw DVD files of all the Bandai musicals released along with tons of other raw files. It’s fairly large and doesn’t often have seeders so it took about a month to get the whole thing done (and the musicals are is only one part of 9 different torrents with SM media.)

          3. Oh I forgot torrent is prohibit in 1st world country, yeah it’s better to save yourself trouble.

            Anyway, I found the streaming channel you’re talking about.

            I manage to purchase the streaming, tried to stream but their connection cap at 500kb/s or below, making impossible to…
            I dow….ed, the file size was 9GB, .mp4 file but I tried to play on different player, it still black screens.

            Do you happen to have any idea? Is it codec issue?

            1. Sorry I’ve got no clue. Did you try VLC? If VLC didn’t work, maybe the file got corrupted in the download? I can’t really think of anything else since Ive never tried doing that.

          4. Thanks for the seeding, finally!

            I tried it for a whole day, couldn’t get it right. Upon loading with developer tools on browser, the flash players loads 2 different files. One is -audio.mp4 one is -video.mp4

            Neither of them load. 😐

          5. I manage to re***d the video 5 minute each, I will merge them together. Just curious, do you need it?
            The resolution of the video is 1920×1080.

    1. No, but has both the SuperS and Stars Christmas albums for download along with tons of other Sailor Moon CDs.

  3. Hi there! Firstly just want to say that I love what you folks are doing here. I’m a big sailor moon fan and really appreciate the quality of these subs. It shows real dedication. Secondly, i was looking around in your live action category and noticed that the super kirai live (i think that’s what it’s called) is missing. this was that special concert that the cast from the live action tv series did. basically what I’m asking is if you’re planning on doing a sub of that. hopefully you are as your pgsm subs are probably some of the best I’ve seen and it would be really nice to have a set for my collection.

    Anyways, keep it up and hope to see more sailor moon stuff in the future.

    1. Hello! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying our subs! At the moment, we don’t have any plans for doing the Super Live, but I will let our translator know there is interest. Thank you!

  4. Hey! I hope all is well Glad to announce that I am finally BACK! Can you kindly update my link from or to thank you!

  5. The avi link for MTV Live 2014: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – The 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Concert is no longer working

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the super delayed response. I’ve just tested the link and it is working fine for me, however I’ve uploaded an alternative download link from our google drive. Hope that helps!

  6. I was wondering if you were planning to sub the recent musical, Kaguya-hime no Kobito. Apart from that, I just wanted to say that I enjoy your work on the musicals and live-action series. Your translations are awesome.

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