Sailor Moon Names Controversy

We posted this on our tumblr a few days ago but wanted to share here too. We often get questions about why we romanize Sailor Moon names the way we do, especially if they are different than what the fandom is used too. Well this post should answer your questions! Original Post:   So, every once in a while, we get called out for “misspelling” character names in Japanese, or else questioned why things are spelled differently. I feel much of this is due to established common spellings among fans that have just cemented in people’s minds. But, please note[…] Read more

Sailor Pluto: Why Garnet?

Ever wondered what the word Garnet has to do with anything and always crops up with Pluto? This is probably a sneaky bit of punnery on Naoko Takeuchi’s part. The Japanese word for “Garnet” is 石榴石 (Zakuroishi), “Zakuro” meaning “pomegranate” and “ishi” meaning “stone”. Pomegranates are associated with Hades (Pluto) and the Underworld through the story of Persephone. Persephone was abducted by Hades, when Persephone’s Mother Demeter found out she became depressed, the Gods demanded Persephone be released and Hades agreed, before she returned, he gave Persephone some pomegranate seeds which she ate, binding her to the Underworld forever, and she[…] Read more

The Deal with Private Mystery Circle

Private Mystery Circle is one of the more confusing songs in SeraMyu. If you’ve ever wondered “Wait. What. What was that?” hopefully this will explain it! We’ll do this verse by verse. This song MUST be seen in context of ufology and the events of the Black Lady musicals. Throughout this song it seems more and more people are being replaced with droids. Think back to some scenes in the Black Moon arc of the manga and it makes more sense. Basically this is a song that seems cute and sounds innocent but the lyrics have increasingly creepier hidden meanings.[…] Read more

PGSM: Ami’s Ami Amie.

Ever wonder why Ami is knitting constantly before she becomes Dark Mercury? Though its clear that the knitting here is a symbol of their friendship, it can read a little deeper. The French word “ami/amie” (アミ), meaning friend, is pronounced identically to the name Ami (亜美) in Japanese, furthermore the stem verb “編み”, also read as “ami” means “to knit”. So in a sense, Ami is connecting together their friendship through the process of knitting, all of which is “ami”. Ami is really the force bringing them all together. Ami ami-ing her ami. As their friendship weakens early in the series, when[…] Read more