Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

This is the fifth and final anime series, it ran from March 9th 1996 to February 8th 1997

In this series, Nehelenia is released from her seal by a mysterious voice and seeks revenge on those of the White Moon. Her return prompts the return of the Soldiers of the Outer Solar System. Later in the series, a group of corrupted Sailor Soldiers called the Sailor Animamates arrive on Earth hunting down “true star seeds”.  Meanwhile, Usagi becomes lonely when Mamoru travels to America to study, and Usagi and the other girls met the super idol group Three Lights.


167. When The Nightmare Petals Scatter! The Return of the Queen of Darkness
168. The Awakening of Saturn! The Gathering of the Ten Sailor Soldiers
169. Cursed Magic Mirror! Mamoru, Captured in a Nightmare
170. One Night of Fate! The Trials of the Sailor Soldiers
171. For The Sake of Love! The Neverending Battle in Hell
172. Love’s Moon Power! When The Nightmare Ends
173. A Farewell and an Encounter! The Vicissitudes of the Destined Stars
174. A Storm Blows Through the School! The Transfer Students are Idols
175. Aim to be an Idol! Minako’s Ambitions
176. Fighter’s True Identity! The Shocking Super Transformation
177. Dreams and Romance Entrusted to the Stars! Taiki’s Transformation
178. Luna Saw It!? Idol Yaten’s True Face
179. Enemies? Allies? Starlights and Sailor Soldiers
180. The Radiance of Stars That Call To One Another! Haruka and Michiru’s Entry into Battle
181. Seiya and Usagi’s Heartpounding Date
182. An Invasion From Space! Seiren Comes Flying In
183. The Cries of Departed Souls? The Phantom of the Horror Camp
184. A Night Just For The Two of Them! Usagi’s Pinch
185. Taiki Sings Superbly! A Song Carries a Heart that Believes
186. Chibichibi’s Mystery!? The Great Alarming Pursuit
187. The Power of a Shining Star! Chibichibi’s Transformation
188. Invitation to Terror! Usagi’s Nighttime Flight
189.  Between Their Mission and Their Friendship! Confrontation Between Sailor Soldiers
190. The Truth is Revealed! Seiya, Taiki and Yaten’s Past
191. When a Butterfly of Light Flutters About! Premonition of a New Wave
192. Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born!?
193. The Stolen Silver Crystal! Princess Kakyuu Appears
194. The Holy War of The Galaxy! The Legend of the Sailor Wars
195. Princess Kakyuu is Extinguished! Galaxia’s Descent
196. When The Galaxy Perishes! The Final Battle of the Sailor Soldiers
197. Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia’s Threat
198. Vanishing Stars! The Final Moments of Uranus and Neptune
199. The Light of Hope! The Final Battle for the Galaxy
200. Usagi’s Love! The Moonlight Illuminates the Galaxy

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