Nelke Musical HQ Release!

Hello everyone! I’m super happy to announce that I’ve uploaded higher quality versions of the Nelke Musical run (La Reconquista – Le Mouvement Final).  Special credit and thanks to パステル for uploading and sharing the HD streams of the shows from 9/27/19 – 9/29/19. You can find the raws here. These are the highest quality you can get, even better than the actual DVD releases themselves. So enjoy! You can find them on our Nelke Musical’s Page. They have also been uploaded to our Google Drive account and are in the same folder that is linked at the top. Please[…] Read more

Update: 2013 Musical – La Reconquista –

SPECIAL RELEASE #2: “It’s time to change despair into hope… It’s time to change destiny into a mission…” “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – La Reconquista -“ This show marks the return of the Sailor Moon Musicals with a brand new style and brand new image. It also marks the first time the original tale of the Dark Kingdom has been staged as well as the musical debut of Queen Serenity. This translation is in wonderful DVD quality for the first time. 2013 – La Reconquista Check out it out here with lyrics! Download it here (right click, save as) Translator’s Notes[…] Read more