Shadow Galactica Phage

Sailor Buri (セーラーブリ Sērā Buri) This name is derived from the word “burikko” 鰤子which can refer to a woman who intentionally acts like a young cutesy girl, much like Alice Itsuki does, the first part of this word “buri” 鰤 is a word for Japanese Amberjack (a kind of yellowtail) explaining the fishy design. All phages contain the word “Sailor”, this is obviously from “Sailor Soldier” since all their designs are based off the Sailor Suit design, so they’re sort of like “fake” Sailor Soldiers. Sailor Guts (セーラーガッツ Sērā Gattsu) Most fans of anime, manga or Japanese culture are probably familiar with the “guts pose”, it’s sort of like a victory fist-pump. Its especially popular among some sportsmen, Suzuki “Guts” Ishimatsu is credited with starting this trend. Sailor Gekisha (セーラーゲキシャー Sērā Gekishā) Gekisha (激写) is a Japanese word for the taking of a photo at just the right moment, it can also refer to an especially powerful or dramatic photograph. Sailor Director (セーラーディレクター Sērā Direkutā) From the English director as Sister Angela was a director Sailor Teacher (セーラーティーチャー Sērā Tīchā) From the English, teacher Sailor Ojou (セーラーお嬢 Sērā Ojou) “Ojou” is a polite term to refer to someone’s else’s daughter, particularly associated to ladies of high class. Sailor Chef (セーラーシェフ Sērā Shefu) From the English, Chef Sailor Conductor (セーラーコンダクター Sērā Kondakutā) From the English Conductor (as in the conductor of a musical ensemble) Sailor Cop (セーラーコップ Sērā Koppu) From the English word “cop”, slang for a policeman, it may also come from Robocop which the character resembles. Sailor Artist (セーラーアーティスト Sērā Ātisuto) From the English, Artist Sailor Sommelier (セーラーソムリエ Sērā Somurie) A “sommelier” is someone who is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, seen in classy restaurants. The word is French in origin and though is used in English, seems to be used even more so in Japanese. Sailor Doctor (セーラードクター Sērā Dokutā) From the English, doctor Sailor Antique (セーラーアンティーク Sērā Antīku) From the English, “antique”, as Kiriyama owned very many antiques Sailor Leaguer (セーラーリーガー Sērā Rīgā) From the English, “leaguer”, a member of a league in something such as baseball. Sailor Stewardess (セーラースチュワーデス Serā Suchuwādesu) From the English stewardess Sailor DJ (セーラーDJ Sērā DJ) Already written with Roman letters. Sailor Amuse (セーラーアミューズ Sērā Amyūzu) From the English “amuse”, since Takeo Shiro was an amusement park manager. Sailor Gamer (セーラーゲーマー Sērā  Gēmā) From the English, gamer Sailor Musician (セーラーミュージシャンSērā Myūjishan) From the English, musician