Nounai Ohanabatake

Nounai Ohanabatake (脳内御花畑) A Flower Garden in the Mind is a song performed by Fish Eye in Amour Eternal. Nounai Ohanabatake is a Japanese idiomatic expression that refers to someone a bit shallow and out of touch with reality, that they’ve got flowers on the mind rather than anything substantial. Fish Eye has failed to understand this and sings this song without irony as some sort of romantic imagery.


(such lonely days)
日々を 自分磨きに当てたわ
蒔いた分だけ 報われる
今なら あなたの 一輪のバラになれるわ 


ああ、 脳内はお花畑 


Machiwabiteita no
unmei no deai
(such lonely days)
Hibi wo jibunmigaki ni ateta wa
Doryoku no tane wa
maita bundake mukuwareru
Ima nara anata no ichirin no bara ni nareru wa
(choppiri toge ga aru kedo)


Tokugi wa kawaii ko de aru koto
suki na hito ni tsukusu koto
Aa, nounai wa ohanabatake
koi ga sakihokoru


I’ve been waiting so impatiently
for a destined encounter
(such lonely days)
I devoted my days to self-improvement
The seed of my efforts…
I’ve been rewarded for sowing it
Now, it’s bloomed into a single rose for you
(though there may be a few thorns)

“Oh my!”

My talents are being real cute and
devoting myself to the one I love
My mind is a field of flowers!
Romance is in full bloom!