Sanjou!! Tuxedo Kamen

Sanjou!! Tuxedo Kamen (参上!! タキシード仮面) He Has Arrived! Tuxedo Mask is a song performed by Tuxedo Mask in “La Reconquista”


けなげな乙女の 願いを受けて
闇を切り裂く 紅い薔薇

悪を蹴散らす 正義の舞

悪しき野望は 許さない

使命を帯びて 舞い降りてきた
乙女の決意の 邪魔はさせない

いちずな乙女の 想いをまとい
闇を切り裂く 紅い薔薇


Kenage na otome no negai wo ukete
Yami wo kirisaku akai bara

Jun na otome no inori wo kanae
Aku wo kechirasu seigi no mai

Kegarenaki otome kokoro wo
Jaaku na chikara de kakimidasu
Ashiki yabou wa yurusanai

Utsukushiki chikyuu wo shugo ni mochi
Shimei wo obite maioritekita
Otome no ketsui no jama wa sasenai

Ichizu na otome no omoi wo matoi
Yami wo kirisaku akai bara


I receive the wishes of gallant maidens
Shredding apart the Darkness with a red rose…

I grant the prayers of pure maidens…
Kicking evil about with a dance of justice

The untainted hearts of maidens…
Evil powers that disturb them…
Your wicked ambitions, I will not forgive them…

I possess the protection of the beautiful Earth
Entrusted with my mission, I swoop down…
I won’t allow intrusion upon a maiden’s determination

Clad in the emotions of an earnest maiden
Shredding apart the Darkness with a red rose…

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