Akuma no Ragnarok

Akuma no Ragnarok (悪魔のラグナロク), Ragnarok of the Demons is a song performed by Bloody Dracul Vampir, Olam Tiphareth, Roi Malkuth and Elyon Yesod.


This song does not appear on DVD, album
or in pamphlets relating to
“The Seal of Super Planet Death Vulcan”
so this section has been left blank.











Blood & spirit, blood & spirit
Blood… spirit…

Garasu ni utsutta waga sugata
Hikari to eichi wo kiratsukase
Tenkyuu no gyokuza ni tawamureteta
Sanbika no oto mo ima wa maboroshi

Yume no akuma yo kokoroshi dekite
Nageki to itan no waga zesshou
Yoru no tenshi ga hangyaku no toki
Tagiru kokoro ga ima honoo to natte
Kono yo wo kaeru kaeru dake
Namida naki aa tatakai yo
Kamigami no ragunaroku
Ai yue yami
Chi ni ueta kono mi ga ai wo kishimaseru

Wanna get blood & spirit
I wanna get blood & spirit
Blood & spirit, blood & spirit
Blood… spirit..


Blood & Spirit, blood & Spirit…
Blood… Spirit…

Our forms! They’re reflected in glass!
They shine Light and Wisdom…
We frolicked around the throne of the Heavens…
Even the sound of a hymn is now just an illusion

Demons of Dreams, listen with caution…
To my superb song of grief and heresy
It’s time for of rebellion for the angel of the night
My seething heart will burst into flames
It will only change… change this world
A battle without tears…
The Ragnarok of the Gods!
Darkness is a result of Love
This bloodthirsty body makes love creak!

Wanna get blood & spirit
I wanna get blood & spirit
Blood & Spirit… Blood & Spirit…
Blood… Spirit…

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