Amazon Trio no Yume Sagashi

Amazon Trio no Yume Sagashi (アマゾントリオの夢さがし) The Amazon Trio’s Dream Search, is a song exclusive to Shin Densetsu Kourin. It is performed by the Amazon Trio. The melody is lifted from “Dead Moon no Kuroi Yume”.


見つかる 必ず見つかる

働く場所も 仕える主も
(どこでもいい だれでもいい)
我等の狙いは ただひとつだけ
(ひとつだけ 夢だけよ)
カラダ ココロ すべて永遠に
人間のまま 生きたいだけよ
(カラダごと ココロまで)

(Dead Moon)
(さがし出せ 盗み取れ)
(Dead Moon)
騒ぐばかりだ けものの血だけが
(血が騒ぐ 煮えたぎる)

あやふやにうごめく 影の我等
夢を さがせ!


Mitsukaru kanarazu mitsukaru
Akirame yashinai
Warera ga hoshii yume

Hataraku basho mo tsukaeru nushi mo
(Doko de mo ii dare de mo ii)
Warera no nerai wa tada hitotsu dake
(Hitotsu dake yume dake yo)
Karada kokoro subete eien ni
Ningen no mama ikitai dake yo
(Karada goto kokoro made)
Yume to namida ga
Ningen no shirushi

Muku warenai warera ga
(Dead Moon)
Urami wo buki ni
Hangeki kaishi ga
(Sagashidase nusumi tore)
Misuterareta mama de wa
(Dead Moon)
Sawagu bakari da kemono no chi dake ga
(Chi ga sawagu nietagiru)

Tagiru chi wo ikase!!
Ayafuya ni ugomeku kage no warera
Sonzai shimesu beku
Chikara to yume wo!
Yume wo sagase!


They’ve been found, definitely, they’ve been found…
We must never give up
The dreams we desire!

The places we work and the masters we serve
(Wherever, whoever)
Our aim is just simply one thing
(Just one thing, only dreams)
The body, the soul, all of it, forever…
We just want to live as humans
(The whole body, as far as the heart)
Dreams and Tears…
Proof of humanity…

We have not been rewarded
(Dead Moon)
We will make our grudge a weapon,
We will commence the counterattack
(Locate them, steal them away)
It remains forsaken…
(Dead Moon)
Just our beast blood will clamour
(The blood will clamour, it will boil hot)

Our seething blood must be kept alive!!
Squirming uncertainly is us, the shadows!
In order to exemplify our being…
Power and Dreams…
Dreams… Search for them!



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