Dream Koi no Mebae

Dream Koi no Mebae (Dream 恋の芽生え) Dream, The Buds of Romance is a song performed by Ami in “Starlights – Ryuusei Densetsu”, it is based off “Dream Yume wa Ookiku”



このごろわたし どうしたのかしら
何かが胸で 燃えているみたい
すっきりしない 勉強してても
楽しいときも いまいち


不安 ときめき おそれ 希望
ぐるぐるぐ るまわってるの
でも恋愛 それとも
知りたい 経験したい 自分のこころ


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Konogoro watashi doushita no kashira
Nanika ga mune de moeteiru mitai
Sukkiri shinai benkyou shitete mo
Tanoshii toki mo imaichi

“Konna hajimete”

Fuan tokimeki osore kibou
Kokora hen de
guru guru guru mawatteru no
Hayaku otona ni naritai
Demo shoujo no mama de itai
Hoka no dareka ni iitai
Demo ren’ai soretomo
Shiritai keiken shitai jibun no kokoro


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These days I wonder what the matter is?
Like something is burning in my chest
It’s not clear… Though I’m studying…
Something’s missing even when I’m having fun

“This is the first time”

Anxiety, Excitement, Fear, Hope…
Here in this spot…
I’m just spinning and spinning round and round
I want to hurry and be an adult
But I want to stay a little girl…
I want someone I can talk to
But is it romance or something else?
I want to know, I want experiences, my own heart

“I want a challenge!”

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