Here Comes The Tuxedo Mask

Here Comes The Tuxedo Mask is an image song for Tuxedo Mask that first appears in “Kessen / Transylvania no Mori”. It reappears in Winter 2001. It is performed when Tuxedo Mask tries to rescue Chibiusa. The song itself is a lyrical remake of “Miracle Twister”.


信じ合う愛だけが この大空に
鮮やかに 巻き起こせるよ
Miracle twister
助け求める声が 胸に届けば
Rose of rescue

大切な人 守るためなら
邪悪の息の根 止めてやる
Here comes the Tuxedo Mask!


Shinjiau ai dake ga kono ouzora ni
Azayaka ni makiokoseru yo
Miracle twister
Tasuke motomeru koe ga mune ni todokeba
Akai bara sawagidasu no sa
Rose of rescue

Taisetsu na hito mamoru tame nara
Inochi mo kakeru sono yuuki ni
Mune wo utare Knight ga sanjou
Jaaku no iki no ne yameteyaru
Here comes the Tuxedo Mask!


In the Heavens, only a love shared in belief can
Brilliantly give rise to it
Miracle Twister…
If a voice that calls for help reaches my heart
My red rose will cause a disturbance, it’s the…
Rose of Rescue

If it’s to defend the ones I love…
I’ll risk my life, I have that valour
Feel it in your heart, The Knight has arrived
I’ll put an end to the life of evil
Here Comes The Tuxedo Mask!