Image De Mon Père

Image De Mon Père is a song performed by Bloody Dracul Vampir as she thinks about her Father and her Fate, this song shares its melody with Count Dracul’s song “Dracul Hakushaku no Kodoku”. Image De Mon Père is French for “Image of My Father”, Mon Père, je t’aime is French for “My Father, I love you”.


闇の衣は 我がしとね
生命の秘密 受け継ぎし
我が一族の 宿命を背負う

人間の子なりや ならずや
悲しみ怒り 乱れせめぎ
愛の夢は Mon Pere, je t’aime


Yami no koromo wa waga shito ne
Kodoku ga sumiarasu imawashiki mi wa
Inochi no himitsu uketsugishi
Waga ichizoku no sadame wo seou

Hito no ko nari ya narazu ya
Kanashimi ikari midaresemegi
Nido to aenu chichi wo omoi
Toitsunoru yo no
Ai no yume wa Mon Père, je t’aime


This gown of darkness is my pillow
Loneliness has left my body in a desolate state
It has inherited the secrets of life
I am burdened with the fate of my Clan

I am the child of a human, yet, I am not
Sorrow… Rage… They’re in a conflict of disarray
I think about my father whom I’ll never meet again
The night that brings questions
About my dreams of love, Mon Père, je t’aime