Kono Kodou kara Yoru wa Umarenai

Kono Kodou kara Yoru wa Umarenai (この鼓動から夜は生まれない The Night is Not Born From This Heartbeat) is a song performed by Chibiusa as she breaks through Black Lady. On the album this is a solo song, in the musicals themselves, it is a duet between Black Lady and Chibiusa.



ママ ママ 涙が出ちゃう
早く レディになりたかった

でも でも 涙は違うと
深く 夜を見つめていた

この心から あなたは生まれない

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Mama mama namida ga de chau
Hitori botchi no kanashisa ga uso wo tsuite
Yoru ni nigirareta watashi no shinzou
Hayaku redi ni narita katta

Demo demo namida wa chigau to
Hitori botchi no Puu ga mitsumeteita
Sono yokogao wa kanashii kurai ni
Fukaku yoru wo mitsumeteita

Kurushimi wa yowasa kara
Yasashisa wa tsuyosa kara
Umareru koto wo shitta kara
Osanai yoru ga waratte mo
Kono kodou kara nikushimi wa umarenai
Kono kokoro kara anata wa umarenai

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Mama… Mama… Tears are spilling out…
The sadness of loneliness was a lie
My heart had been seized by the night…
I wanted to hurry and become a lady…

But still… But still… The tears are different…
At the lonely Puu… I’ve taken a good look at her 
Her face in profile held so much sorrow
I’ve looked hard at the deep night…

Pain comes from weakness…
Kindness comes from strength…
I know because you were born…
That even the young night will smile…
Hatred is not born from this heartbeat
You are not born from this heart

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