Miracle Twister

Miracle Twister is a song performed by Tuxedo Mask in Shin Densetsu Kourin and returns in Spring 2001.


信じ合う愛だけが この大空に
鮮やかに 巻きおこせるよ
Miracle Twister
光も闇もすべて 受けとめて きみは
くちずけで また 解き放つ
Moonlit Soldier

ふたりの運命 軌道がずれて
星座を 見失いかけだけど
見つめ合えば つながる心さ
ふたたびの 今日が 始まるよ
May our days be sweet

数えきれない 出逢いと別れ
くり返して いつも最後に
ぼくの前にいるのは きみだけ
迸る熱いもの 胸に
May our days be sweet


Shinjiau ai dake ga kono oozora ni
Azayaka ni makiokoseru yo
Miracle twister
Hikari mo yami mo subete uketomete kimi wa
Kuchizuke de mata tokihanatsu
Moonlit soldier

Futari no sadame kidou ga zurete
Hoshi wo miushinaikake dakedo
Mitsumeaeba tsunagaru kokoro sa
Futatabi no kyou ga hajimaru yo
May our days be sweet

Kazoe kirenai deai to wakare
Kurikaeshite itsumo saigo ni
Boku no mae ni iru no wa kimi dake
Hotobashiru atsui mono mune ni
May our days be sweet


In the Heavens, only a love shared in belief can
Brilliantly give rise to it
Miracle Twister…
Light and Darkness, you accept it all
With a kiss, you release them once again
Moonlit Soldier…

Our destiny’s trajectory has deviated…
We’ve lost track of the constellations, however…
When our eyes meet, our hearts will connect…
Another day will begin
May our days be sweet

Countless meetings and partings…
They will always repeat until the end
You are the only one before me
A warmness wells up in my heart
May our days be sweet