Mou Ii no

Mou Ii no (もういいの) That’s Enough, is an a cappella song performed by Sailor Chibichibimoon to Galaxia in Eien Densetsu and its revised edition. It reappears in Shin Densetsu Kourin, no longer a cappella. In Kakyuuouhi Kourin it returns as a cappella but is now known as “NEW Mou Ii no” despite no difference in lyrics.



あのとき 逃がした
浄らかな あなたがここにいる
もういいの もう戦はないで
わたしが あなたなのだから

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Ano toki nigashita
kiyoraka na anata ga koko ni iru
Mou ii no mou tatakawanaide
Watashi ga anata nano dakara

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The pure part of you that you
set free back then is right here…
That’s enough, no more fighting…
For I am you…

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