Mystery Sagashi

Mystery Sagashi (ミステリーさがし), Mystery Search, is the opening song for “Summer 1993 – Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen” and its Winter 1994 Revised Edition. It is highly likely it appeared in the Spring Super Festival as well. It existed in two versions, an Opening version which only included the first verse and a Curtain Call version which was the complete song.


もうここまできたなら SFじゃない
連れてってよ ミステリーさがしに
満ちて欠ける月に 良く似た性格
欲張ると 痛い目にあうよ
一度だけチャンスを投げるわ あなたに
受けとめて しっかり
その手で その瞳で
今だけよ ふたりで スパーク愛して


Seeraa Muun
Mou koko made kita nara SF janai
Seeraa Muun
Tsuretette yo misuterii sagashi ni
Michite kakeru tsuki ni yoku nita seikaku
Tsukamitai da nante
Yokubaru to itai me ni au you
Ichido dake chansu wo nageru wa anata ni
Uketomete shikkari
Sono te de sono me de
Gyarakushii samayou hate made
Ima dake yo futari de supaaku aishite


Sailor Moon
If you’ve come this far, you’re not just science fiction
Sailor Moon
Lead us on a Mystery Search
A disposition like the Moon that waxes and wanes
I want to catch hold of that
If you get jealous, you’ll be in for some trouble
Only once will I throw you a chance
Catch it firmly
With those hands, with those eyes
If you miss it
You’ll be wandering to the end of the galaxy
Just for now, together, let’s spark our love