Namikimichi no Koi

Namikimichi no Koi (並木道の恋), Love on the Tree-Lined Road, is a song that only appears in “Summer 1993 – Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen” and its revised edition.  It likely appeared in the “Super Spring Festival”. Minako sings this to explain the story of her first love. It seems to reference to the eighth chapter of Codename: Sailor V, “Namikimichi no Koi – Taabo Zenkai Baribari! Hen”


若葉の春 並木道で
初めて あのひとを見た時は
胸の奥が キュンと鳴って
思わず立ちすくみ 見送ったわ
小麦色に 焼けた夏に
月面宙返り 見せてくれ
思い出の 並木道で
秋の日あびながら 見つめ合った
それでも それでも あのひとは
なんにも 言っては くれなかった
こんなに こんなに 好きなのに
卒業してった わたしの初恋


Wakaba no haru namikimichi de
Hajimete ano hito wo mita toki wa
Mune no oku ga kyun to natte
Omowazu tachisukumi miokutta wa
Komugiiro ni yaketa natsu ni
Getsumen chuugaeri misetekure
Omoide no namikimichi de
Aki no hi abinagara mitsumeatta
Soredemo soredemo ano hito wa
Nannimo itte wa kurenakatta
Konna ni konna ni suki nano ni
Sotsugyou shitetta watashi no hatsukoi


The fresh verdure of spring, on the tree-lined road
It was the first time I saw him…
My heart suddenly tightened for a moment
Instinctively, I froze and watched him pass by
In that summer tanned golden-brown
I saw him perform a moonsault
On that tree-lined road of memories
Our eyes met as we basked in the autumn sun
But still, but still, that person…
Never said a single thing to me
Even so, even so, I love him
Then he graduated… my first love…

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