Oitsumerarete (追いつめられて) Having Hunted Them Down, is a song performed by Eien Densetsu exclusively by Sailor Moon. It shares its melody with Orléans no Sei Senshi.



星は 使命を忘れない
闇に ひととき 飲まれても
やがて みずから 光り出す

追いつめられ もうだめだよと
泣いても そのたび
勇気をくれた わたしに
取り戻す みんなを 

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Kudake kudaketa kakera demo
Hoshi wa shimei wo wasurenai
Yami ni hitotoki nomarete mo
Yagate mizukara hikari dasu

Oitsumerare mou dame da yo to
Naite mo sono tabi
Minna no kao ga ukandekite
Yuuki wo kureta watashi ni
Dakara makenai
Torimodosu minna wo

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They’ve been shattered, shattered to pieces, but…
The stars will not forget their mission
Even if they’re momentarily overwhelmed by the Darkness…
Before long they will reveal their light

Hunting them down was all in vain
Even though I cried each time…
I’m encouraged by everyone’s faces
They give courage to me
That’s why I won’t give up…
I’ll bring everyone back!


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