Sailor War ’94 II

Sailor WAR ’94 II (セーラーWAR ’94 II) is a song featured in “Henshin – Super Senshi e no Michi” and its revised edition.


This song does not appear on any recorded musical DVD and only appears in hiragana in the pamphlet so this section has been left blank.


Shinobiyoru kage wa
Hametsu no kizashi
Itsudemo tatakitsubusu
Uchuu no owari wa
Mitaku wa nai kara
Tatakau toki to kimetara tatakau

Unmei wo koete jidai moete
Saigo ni nokoro wa jun na magokoro
Jaaku na yabou wa kanarazu horobosu
Sooraamirakuru densetsu no akashi

Senshi no chikai hikari ni kaete
Kokoro to kokoro hitosuji ni shite

Yume ya shiawase wo kachitoru tame no
Tatakai mo aru wakaru kara

Aisuru hitotachi mamorinuku mono wa
Futatsu de hitotsu
Ai to yuuki dato
Futatsu de hitotsu
Ai to yuuki dato

Seeraa WAR! Seeraa WAR!


The shadows drawing near unnoticed…
…are an omen of destruction
When they are sighted
They must always be crushingly defeated
The end of this Universe…
Because we do not want to see that
We will fight when we decide to fight

Transverse Destiny, fire up the era
At the end, pure devotion remains
Evil ambitions will wreak havoc without fail
It is proof of the Solar Miracle Legend

The vows of the Soldiers, turn them into light
Our hearts to hearts, make them into one

For the sake of winning our dreams and happiness…
We understand that there is a battle…

The people we love, to protect them to the very end
The Two will become One…
That is Love and Courage…
The Two will become One…
That is Love and Courage…

Sailor WAR! Sailor WAR!

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