See Me, Bokutachi no Jidai

See Me, Bokutachi no Jidai (See Me, ぼく達の時代), See Me, It’s Our Era, is a song performed Three Lights at the school’s Music Festival in Sailor Stars and its revised edition.


お互い 隠してるのは
ここいらで 止めよう

『好きさ』 とひとこと言えば

See me,ハートビートが
Hear me,シグナル出せば
Touch me,新鮮なパワー満ちてくるよ

見逃がさない あきらめない
So,もうすぐそこに ぼく達の時代

昨日じゃない 明日じゃない


Koboreochisou na hodo ni
Jukushiteru kokoro wo
Otagai kakushiteru no wa
Koko ira de yameyou

“Suki sa” to hitokoto ieba
Mune ga toki wo kizami
Yoake ga tobira hiraite
Umi kaze wo maneku

See me, haato biito ga
Hear me, shigunaru daseba
Touch me, shinsen na pawaa michite kuru yo

Minogasanai akiramenai
Yume ni todoku made wa
So, mou sugu soko ni bokutachi no jidai

Kinou janai ashita janai
Ima kono shunkan sa
Yes, kanashimi mo shiawase no ichibu dakara


They feel like they’re about to spill over and fall
Our maturing hearts…
We conceal them from one another
Let’s end that around here

If only I could say that one thing “I love you”
My heart is ticking time away
Daybreak would open the door…
…and invite in the seabreeze

See Me, my heartbeat…
Hear Me, if it could send out a signal…
Touch Me, a fresh power would begin to fill me

We won’t overlook it, we won’t give it up
Not until we reach our dream
So, very soon, we’ll be there… It’s our era

Not yesterday… Not tomorrow…
Now, this very moment…
Yes, for even sadness is a part of happiness


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