Set Me Free ~ Euro ・ Wasurenai Natsuyasumi ~

Set Me Free ~ Euro ・ Wasurenai Natsuyasumi ~ (Set Me Free~ユーロ・忘れない夏休み~), Set Me Free ~ Euro ・The Unforgettable Summer Vacation is a Europop style song performed by Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru as they prepare to go with Michiru to Europe on her tour. This song’s choreography and music style is based on parapara, a Japanese dance craze that was popular around the time this musical was staged. It featured synchronised dancing to very fast paced music.


太陽が 忘れない また朝だって
だからSet me free
もっとSet me free
Day Dream

古に古に アア 生きている
Invitation please
Doki Doki Doki


Taiyou ga wasurenai mata asa datte
Moshi kurasu juu no daremo ga ne
Mabushiku utsuru natsuyasumi
Meeru no kuni kara tobidasu sora e
Soko wa densetsu niji no gaaden
Dakara Set me free
Tabi wa michizure
Kattari mitari
Motto Set me free
Burando ga minna wo matteru
Day dream
Atashi no hitomi wa ten ni naru

Mori to kojou no Yooroppa
Shinpi sae modan ni
Sutendo gurasu orinasu
Inishie ni inishie ni aa ikiteiru
Honto no sugata ga mieta wa konai
Invitation please
Doki Doki Doki
Usagi yo are ga pari no hi da


Even the sun can’t forget that it’s another morning
If everyone’s in the middle of class
Brightly reflecting summer vacation
To the sky that flies out from the world of mail
There’s the rainbow garden of legend
That’s why you must Set me free
Journeys are for fellow travellers
Doing stuff like purchasing and seeing thing
Even further, Set me free
Brand products are waiting for us all
Day dream!
I’m totally stunned

Europe is full of forests and castles
Even mysteries will be made modern
They’ll be interwoven into stained glass
Into Antiquity…  Into Antiquity… Ah, Ah, this is living
We aren’t able to see the true form
Invitation please…
My heart is pounding
Usagi! The lights of Paris are overhead

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