Tuxedo Loyal

Tuxedo Loyal (タキシードロイヤル),  is a song featured in “Yume Senshi – Ai – Eien ni…” and its revised edition. It also appears in Winter 2000.


清き夢に捧ぐ まっかなバラ
肩にひるがえすはMisty Night
タキシード タキシードLoyal


Hoshi no shimei wo seou otome no
Kiyoki yume ni sasagu makka na bara
Kata ni hirugaesu wa Misty Night
Takishiido takishiido Loyal


Maidens who are burdened with the mission of the Stars…
To your pure dreams, I dedicate this deep red rose
Over my shoulder, I wave the Misty Night…
Tuxedo… Tuxedo Loyal…




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