Uranus to Neptune no Uragiri

Uranus to Neptune no Uragiri (ウラヌスとネプチューンの裏切り) Uranus and Neptune’s Betrayal is a song featured in “Kakyuuouhi Kourin”, performed by Sailor Uranus and Neptune.



夜の風吹く 誘いか
踊る花弁の 戸惑いか
闇よ 来世のこの愛を
咲きし ふた振り 夢の剣

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Yoru no kaze fuku izanai ka
Odoru kaben tomadoi ka
Yami yo raise no kono ai wo
Sakishi futafuri yume no ken

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Is it temptation blowing on the evening wind?
Is it the dancing flower petals that disorientate?
The Darkness, this love in the next world…
The sword of dreams that is swung twice will bloom

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