Usagi Love Magic

Usagi Love Magic is a love duet performed by Mamoru and Usagi in “Mugen Gakuen ~ Mistress Labyrinth” and its revised edition.




言ってごらん 夢の続きを
僕なら千年 ここにいるから

恋の音色はLove magic
君の瞳は 月のラビリンス

逢いたいと 思う気持ちが
秘密をまた 紡ぎ合わせるから

Your love is forever
My love is forever

Your love is forever
My love is forever

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Itsumo ii ko de itai no ni
Kono omoi ai ni oitsuka nai
Kyou wa dore kurai aeru no
Sore bakari kangae deshimau

Itte goran yume no tsuzuki wo
Boku nara sennen koko ni iru kara
Anata no kuchizuke wa kaze yori yasashiku
Jikan wo unmei ni kaeru

Koi no neiro wa Love magic
Kimi no hitomi wa tsuki no rabirinsu
Wan fureezu dake no wedingu beru
Yume ni tomadou rabirinsu

Aitai to omou kimochi ga
Himitsu wo mata tsumugi awaseru kara
Anata no kuchizuke wa sora yori yasashiku
Deai wo unmei ni kaeru

Your love is forever
My love is forever

Your love is forever
My love is forever

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Always wanting to be a good girl…
These thoughts keep love from overtaking
How long can we meet for today?
I can only think about that and nothing more

Try to say it, the continuation of the dream…
As for me, I’d stay here for a thousand years
Your kiss is more gentle than a breeze
It changes Time into Destiny…

The timbre of this romance is Love Magic…
Your eyes are a labyrinth of the Moon…
There’s just one phrase… Wedding Bells…
Into a dream, a bewildering labyrinth…

The feelings I have of wanting to see you…
ecause we’ll spin the secret together again
Your kiss is more gentle than the sky…
It changes this encounter into Destiny…

My love is forever…
Your love is forever…

Your love is forever…
My love is forever…

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