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New Musical Release: Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon 2019!

  “When you look down from the Moon… How does this planet look?”
“Like a blue crystal ball…”

If you’re on our Discord channel, you’ll already have seen a special stream of Sailor Moon Musical – Nogizaka 46 Version 2019. Now, we’re releasing this video for everyone to enjoy! The 2019 Nogizaka46 music is essentially the same as 2018’s show. It features members of Nogizaka as the Sailor Guardians, a new group this time around. Mamoru, Queen Beryl and the Shitennou’s actresses have reprized their roles for this special second year of the musical. The show itself is mostly the same with the same songs. If you watch, you’ll notice small upgrades like Luna’s puppet now having blue eyes that blink. Also, for the special concert at the end, Ai no Starshine replaces Solar Miracle Make-Up.

Download and Lyrics can be found on the Nogizaka46 page.

This version of the 2019 show is from the TBS final day broadcast. We do plan to release a DVD quality version as well. If someone would not mind kindly donating a rip of their Blu-ray version, we would also love to release a Blu-ray quality version. We currently lack the hardware to be able to do so ourselves.

Amour Eternal HD release and Nelke Myu MP3s

Small update time!

We’re happy to announce that we have fixed the subs for the Amour Eternal HD version and the musical is now available for download. Please enjoy this higher quality release.

Also @Stefani_Msp has kindly ripped and made MP3s from all 5 Nelke shows for us to share with fans!


You can find the MP3s plus Amour Eternal on the Nelke Musical page.


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Nelke Musical HQ Release!

Hello everyone! I’m super happy to announce that I’ve uploaded higher quality versions of the Nelke Musical run (La Reconquista – Le Mouvement Final).  Special credit and thanks to パステル for uploading and sharing the HD streams of the shows from 9/27/19 – 9/29/19. You can find the raws here. These are the highest quality you can get, even better than the actual DVD releases themselves. So enjoy!

You can find them on our Nelke Musical’s Page. They have also been uploaded to our Google Drive account and are in the same folder that is linked at the top.

Please note: Amour Eternal uses a different cut of the intermission scene with the Amazon Trio and needs to be re-translated so has not been uploaded yet. This may take some time due to our translators busy work schedule. I will post as soon as we have it finished!

Also note, the HD version of Le Mouvement Final does not include our edited “memorial” clip at the end of the show, prior to the service numbers. That clip was from the original Nico Nico livestream and due to the difference in quality, we have decided to not include that with this higher quality release.