New Musical Release: Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon 2019!

  “When you look down from the Moon… How does this planet look?”
“Like a blue crystal ball…”

If you’re on our Discord channel, you’ll already have seen a special stream of Sailor Moon Musical – Nogizaka 46 Version 2019. Now, we’re releasing this video for everyone to enjoy! The 2019 Nogizaka46 music is essentially the same as 2018’s show. It features members of Nogizaka as the Sailor Guardians, a new group this time around. Mamoru, Queen Beryl and the Shitennou’s actresses have reprized their roles for this special second year of the musical. The show itself is mostly the same with the same songs. If you watch, you’ll notice small upgrades like Luna’s puppet now having blue eyes that blink. Also, for the special concert at the end, Ai no Starshine replaces Solar Miracle Make-Up.

Download and Lyrics can be found on the Nogizaka46 page.

This version of the 2019 show is from the TBS final day broadcast. We do plan to release a DVD quality version as well. If someone would not mind kindly donating a rip of their Blu-ray version, we would also love to release a Blu-ray quality version. We currently lack the hardware to be able to do so ourselves.


    1. The Super Live, at this time, is a no as there hasn’t been any announcement of an official recording in any manner (no livestream, TV broadcasts or anything that we know of). The show itself provided subtitles for the international audiences, and the dialogue is so minimal, those subs really weren’t even needed (except for the few songs that weren’t Moonlight Densetsu). I would hope if an official DVD/Bluray were released they would provide the subtitles they provided at the international performances. At that point, we would encourage fans to support the official release and buy the DVD/BR. Even if they didn’t put subtitles, you really can just follow along as there was very very few speaking lines.

      Maybe one day they’ll give us the DVD/BR that we want… ლ(ಥ益ಥლ)

      1. Do you know online I can watch super live without the subtitles? Also I see you have the MTV Live 2014: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – The 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Concert subtitled. Do you have any other concerts subbed and will you subbed anymore concerts and older Bandai musicals in the future?

        1. Like I said, there’s been no official recording so unless you had the chance to see it live in Paris, Washington DC or NYC, then all there is online is clips, mostly from the concert part at the end. Just do a search on Youtube and you’ll find them. As far as other concerts go, all we have currently is the 20th Anniversary one. The only other recent concerts that have recordings that I know of are the Classic Concerts, which we currently don’t have plans to do. If there’s enough interest, I could see if it’s something our translator would be interested in doing.

          You can find all of our Bandai musical downloads here. We’ve subbed all the 25 recorded Bandai shows. Enjoy!

            1. There are clips from the most recent one on Youtube on the SM Official channel and you can buy DVDs of it from sites like CDJapan.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I was able to get a download previously but have had little time to rework the sub file to make sure the timing is correct. I’m hoping to get to that very soon as I’m finding more time to get back to working on stuff for the site. 🙂

  1. I purchased the 2019 version (DVD) months ago from cdjapan. I watched it back in April and I loved it so much. It doesn’t have any subtitles and I already know how the story goes. They do have Blu-ray and DVD, the Blu-ray costs 7800 yen (US $72.75) and the DVD costs 6800 yen (US $63.43). My favorite song is Aino Starshine (Starshine of Love).

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