NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 33



“There’s no need to call our homes.”


Rei and Ami are caught out late by a policeman while fighting a Youma. The Youma gets away and seems to be seeking revenge on Mars, meanwhile Ami and Rei’s home lives start to unravel when Ami’s Mother (Saeko Mizuno), believing her new friends are a bad influence, pushes Ami to transfer schools and Rei’s Father (Ryuuji Hino) suddenly shows up in her life.tumblr_o722ppfJK51slnk1ho6_1280 Ami and Rei soon discover the real reason their parents seem to have a sudden interest in them, the police had contacted them about their late night excursion…

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NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 32

“I want to go find him!”tumblr_o721wnr7Is1slnk1ho5_540
Motoki worries that Mamoru hasn’t been in contact recently, causing Usagi to fret over his safety. Meanwhile, Mio is still out to make Usagi’s life miserable and takes glee in using Usagi’s obsession with going to London to find Mamoru against her and sets up Usagi to be an attendant to a finicky celebrity named Yuuto. One mishap leads to another but it seems Usagi might finally get to London after all… until… tumblr_o721wnr7Is1slnk1ho4_1280 Get it from the PGSM Downloads page!

NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 31

“I can do this by myself. I’ve made it this far.”Makoto still hasn’t awakened her Guardian Powers like the others and can’t quite work out why. The question of “Why?” being one that has been with Makoto since childhood. Luna pushes Makoto to eat potatoes and onto a date with Motoki in order to help Jupiter awaken… Motoki is ecstatic when Makoto finally agrees. tumblr_o2tpp2Zgrj1slnk1ho2_1280 When that time finally comes Makoto makes a revelation of something that only Minako seems to understand… But are Makoto and Minako right? tumblr_o2tpp2Zgrj1slnk1ho1_1280 Download the new episode here!

NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action – Acts 16




“What’s wrong with a litle jealousy?”

PGSM_Act16_0365 To Usagi’s dismay, Naru and Ami are not getting along! To top it off, youma are kidnapping girls and Naru falls victim as Ami witnesses. Ami is confused and guilty about her feelings towards Naru while Usagi is trying to understand why she can’t stop thinking about Mamoru, when the one she likes is Tuxedo Mask.   Fill in your weeks without Crystal with the live-action series!

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