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NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 42-44

ACT 42:  I Won’t Use the Power of the Illusionary Silver Crystal

“Why can’t you understand?”

Naru is still hospitalised and Usagi decides to open up fully to her. To make sure nothing like this ever happens again, Usagi begins endurance training which pushes her way past her limits in order to control the Illusionary Silver Crystal.

The Dark Kingdom has problems of their own, Zoisite continues to fret over not being enough to save his Master, Kunzite is uninterested and Queen Beryl sets up a special task for Jadeite to perform on Endymion.

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ACT 43: Usagi and Mamoru’s Promise

“My heart is forever with you.”

Usagi continues to try to suppress her powers as the number of Youma appearing increases. Unfortunately, the Princess begins to awaken when Usagi is asleep. Usagi’s anxieties over Mamoru and the future of the Planet begin to consume her to the worry of her family and friends.

Jadeite and Zoisite clash over who their true Master is, Endymion or Beryl. However, Beryl is concerned with the potential Metalia’s power growing too great to control.

Mio delivers Mamoru an ultimatum, she will stop the power of the stone and let Mamoru see Usagi, provided that this is the final time…

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ACT 44: Zoisite Turned Back into a Stone

“I was wrong to forget them…
My feelings that were, above all, so hard to forget…”

As Mamoru continues to be hurt by the stone implanted in him, Zoisite asks Queen Beryl to take his life in exchange, Queen Beryl decides that she might consider a trade for the Princess and Zoisite sets on once again to kill Sailor Moon. Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite all move down their different paths.

Meanwhile Sailor Mars rejects Venus as the leader of the Sailor Guardians which causes tension as the girls argue on what is more important, the past life or the present.

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NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 37


“I was the one…”


Usagi disappears one night and Luna goes searching for her. Meanwhile Ami and Makoto take it in turns to cover Usagi’s home life (and Ikuko’s cooking). Rei and Minako discuss the goings on and what seems wrong about this awakening of the Princess…tumblr_o8du11qkMX1slnk1ho7_1280

Mamoru arrives in the Dark Kingdom and the Four Heavenly Kings (or rather the Three Heavenly Kings) discuss their conflicts, Jadeite who is shocked Queen Beryl would use him in a threat as she did and Zoisite who believes Jadeite should switch allegiance to Endymion.


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NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 36

updatesgraphic_pgsm36   tumblr_o724rdIN9b1slnk1ho6_1280

“That’s not Usagi.”

Things are finally coming together for Mamoru and Usagi as they defy Fate and go on their first proper date together, Mamoru even purchaing the Moon Phase for Usagi. Ikuko is particularly keen on meeting Usagi’s new friend. However, things do not last when Mio delivers a sinister message to Mamoru regarding the Four Heavenly Kings…

The Sailor Guardians, Mamoru, Queen Beryl and the Four Heavenly Kings seem ready for a showdown but a surprise appearance shocks them all.tumblr_o724rdIN9b1slnk1ho4_1280tumblr_o724rdIN9b1slnk1ho5_1280

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NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 35

   “We share the same thoughts.”
tumblr_o7242qeVks1slnk1ho3_1280During a confrontation, Zoisite and Sailor Venus discover that their goals might not be as different as they once thought… they both seek to separate the Princess and Endymion. Together, they agree on a plan to break the ill-fated romance apart by means of a music box, but can Minako go through with it? Meanwhile Usagi is overjoyed with spending more time with her idol and Mio gets her claws further into Mamoru… tumblr_o7242qeVks1slnk1ho4_1280 Download Here!