NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 24



“Who’s the idiot!?”

Usagi realizes that she is still unable to forget about her feelings for Mamoru. Upon Motoki telling her he is leaving to study abroad with Hina, she believes this is her chance to finally forget him. However, when Hina comes to Crown Karaoke after being unable to reach Mamoru, Usagi and Makoto realize he is under attack by Kunzite at the Planetarium. Sailor Moon does her best to save Mamoru and it is there that she finally realizes the true identity of Tuxedo Mask.


Now that Crystal is over, why not starting watching the live-action series?



  1. Firstly, thank you so so much for all the work you’ve done with the musicals and the live-action series so far.
    I’ve noticed an error/typo towards the end of the episode around 21:50-21:55. When Sailor Moon says “That’s why…” it kinda trails off and the “I have to save him!” is subbed over Tuxedo Mask’s line when he says, “Masaka”. I hope I explained that properly.
    I don’t know how much work goes into making these (and of course real life takes priority) so it’s entirely up to you guys if/when you release a v2, but I just thought you’d like to know. 🙂

    Thank you and keep up the great work,

    1. Thanks for letting us know about the error! It’s a quick fix so I’ll try to get a new upload for it very soon. 🙂

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