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Nelke Musical HQ Release!

Hello everyone! I’m super happy to announce that I’ve uploaded higher quality versions of the Nelke Musical run (La Reconquista – Le Mouvement Final).  Special credit and thanks to パステル for uploading and sharing the HD streams of the shows from 9/27/19 – 9/29/19. You can find the raws here. These are the highest quality you can get, even better than the actual DVD releases themselves. So enjoy!

You can find them on our Nelke Musical’s Page. They have also been uploaded to our Google Drive account and are in the same folder that is linked at the top.

Please note: Amour Eternal uses a different cut of the intermission scene with the Amazon Trio and needs to be re-translated so has not been uploaded yet. This may take some time due to our translators busy work schedule. I will post as soon as we have it finished!

Also note, the HD version of Le Mouvement Final does not include our edited “memorial” clip at the end of the show, prior to the service numbers. That clip was from the original Nico Nico livestream and due to the difference in quality, we have decided to not include that with this higher quality release.

New Release: Un Nouveau Voyage!


tumblr_o9ofqrHmCG1slnk1ho1_1280  “Whenever you are near, I hear the Music of the Spheres… … Universal Harmony”


We are happy to announce our newest release: Un Nouveau Voyage!  This is the 3rd of the new musical projects that began with 2013′s La Reconquista. Un Nouveau Voyage tells the story of the series’ third arc regarding Super Sailor Moon’s introduction and the battle against the Death Busters, a villain group of Scientists and Witches with backing from Pharaoh 90 of the Tau Star System. tumblr_o9ofqrHmCG1slnk1ho4_r1_1280 At the Infinity Academy Enrolment Experience, Usagi and her friends are attacked by the school’s Student Council, later two new Sailor Guardians… Uranus and Neptune show up and even attack the girls as a warning…Are they enemies or companions? Can the Sailor Guardians defeat the Death Busters while the Planets are in Confrontation before the God of Destruction awakens? This musical features numbers including “Who am I?” “Mistic Beauty” “The Road to Mugen Gakuen” “Music of the Spheres” “Eye of the Storm” and “Kibou wo Sutezu ni”.

Download Here

CAST: Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon: Satomi Okubo Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury: Momoya Koyama Rei Hino / Sailor Mars: Kanon Nanaki Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter: Yu Takahashi Minako Aino / Sailor Venus: Shiori Sakata Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask: Yuga Yamato Chibiusa / Sailor Chibimoon: Airi Kanda Double Cast with: Kokoro Kuge Setsuna Meitou / Sailor Pluto: Mikako Ishii Haruka Tenou / Sailor Uranus: Syu Shiotsuki Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune: Sayaka Fujioka Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn / Mistress 9: Karin Takahashi Professor Tomoe: Yuki Kaon Kaolinite: Kei Ohgi Eudial: Saya Chinen Mimet: Ayaka Ida Tellur: Momoko Sadachi Vilyui: Yui Hasegawa Cyprine: Maana Daimon: Nozomi Hayashi, Ayumi Nakaoka, Rio Taniguchi, Rina Tsutsumi