A Guide to the Dracul Series

The Dracul Series consists of four musicals, Winter 2000 – New / Transformation・The Road to Become the Super Soldier – Overture of Last Dracul, Summer 2000 – Decisive Battle / The Forest of Transylvania – ~ A New Arrival! The Soldiers Who Protect Chibimoon, Winter 2001 – Decisive Battle / The Forest of Transylvania (Revised Edition) – The Enigma of the Ultimate Enemy, Dark Cain, and Spring 2001 – Last Dracul Final Chapter – The Seal of Super Planet Death Vulcan.  These four musicals are the only musicals in all of Sera Myu that have a continuity between them. It is highly recommended to watch these musicals in order. Plot points and some characters may be confusing as their story was explained in the previous show or they reference to an event that might not make sense without having seen it.


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