Guoul Guoul Guoula ~ Sabbat Hen ~

Guoul Guoul Guoula (Guoul Guoul Guoula ~ サバト 篇 ~), Guoul Guoul Guoula ~ Sabbat Edition ~, is a second version of Guoul Guoul Guoula that appears exclusively in “Kessen / Transylvania no Mori – Shin Toujou! Chibimoon wo Mamoru Senshitachi” performed when Usagi and her friends are at a sabbat banquet at their English teacher’s grandmother’s house in Hungary.


This song does not appear on DVD, album
or in pamphlets relating to
“The Forest of Transylvania”
so this section has been left blank.












Koyoi mangetsu beradonna
Nureba houki de toberu mori
Sasori zorozoro tokage no shita mo
Deru wa sawagu wa kamagaeru
Minna tomodachi Ponpapapii

Guoul Guoul Guoula!
Ten ni tsuba suru Monster

Asa wa bikkuri bishoujo ne
Gogo wa gikkuri obaasan
Sonna isshou tsumaranai
Dakara yarimashou kuroi misa

Guoul Guoul Guoula!
Ten ni mashimasu Monster

Yoru wa toutou Undied

Guoul Guoul Guoula!
Ten ni tsuba suru Monster
Guoul Guoul Wa-ow!

Sabato no utage da Bad angel


Tonight is a Full Moon… Belladonna…
If we spread it, we can fly over the forest on a broom
Swarms of scorptions and tongues of lizards
Coming out, clamouring about, a toad!
All of our friends! Hip Hip Hooray!

Guoul Guoul Guoula!
A Monster spitting at the Heavens

In the morning, surprise! She’s a beautiful girl
In the afternoon, she’s a hunchbacked old lady
That sort of life is totally dull
And so let’s do our Black Mass!

Guoul Guoul Guoula!
A Monster growing to the Heavens

In the night, at last she’s Undied

Guoul Guoul Guoula!
Spit at the Heavens, Monster!
Guoul Guoul Wa-ow!

It’s the Banquet of the Sabbat, Bad Angel…