Lonely Distance

Lonely Distance is a duet featured in “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars” and its revised edition. It is performed by Usagi and Mamoru as they miss each other now that Mamoru is studying in America. The lyrics were later changed to make “Feel So Faraway”.


逢いたくて 逢えない
さびしくて 死にそうよ
もう どうにも たえられない

あのころは 毎日
すきなだけ 逢えたのに
それでも 足りないと
わがまま 言ったわね

Lonely distance
ふたりをつなげる この空の

泣いてる顔ほど 夢では

Wanna be with you……
Wanna be with you……
Wanna be with you……


Aitakute aenai
Sabishikute shinisou yo
Mou dou ni mo taerarenai

Ano koro wa mainichi
Suki na dake aeta no ni
Soredemo tarinai to
Wagamama itta wa ne

Lonely distance
Futari wo tsunageru kono sora no
Setsunai kyori
dake takusan aishite

Naiteru kao hodo yume de wa

Wanna be with you……
Wanna be with you……
Wanna be with you……


I want to be with you and I cannot be with you
I’m so lonely… To the point of death…
How much longer can I endure this?

In those days… Everyday…
We could be together whenever we wanted
Nevertheless, it was not enough
Saying that was so selfish

Lonely Distance…
The two of us are connected under this sky
The heartrending distance only
Makes me love you more

Your crying face is the extent of my dreams,
So precious

Wanna be with you…
Wanna be with you…
Wanna be with you…



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