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NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action ~ Act 22


“It’s your power, it has begun to awaken.”

Usagi is shocked to find Ami has returned to school and that everyone has now turned against her. Meanwhile the girls reflect on their own roles they played in bringing Ami to where she is now. Vowing to bring Ami back, a new power starts to awaken in Sailor Moon… Now that Crystal is over, why not starting watching the live-action series?

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We have been steadily releasing PGSM over the past couple months. Time to catch up! You can download them on the PGSM Downloads page.


“You haven’t grown as a Guardian at all!”

Usagi is dealing with the revelation that Mamoru has a girlfriend by forcing herself to think about making a scarf for Tuxedo Mask instead. Rei happens to meet Minako as they both show up at the same church for different reasons. When a youma attacks the church, Rei learns the Princess’s true identity.


“Why is my heart pounding like this?”

Minako and Rei have a small competition between each other as they care for the stray dog at the Church, while still investigating the missing youma. In the meantime, Makoto is doing her best to get information about Mamoru and his girlfriend for Usagi. She learns his is engaged and is conflicted on what to tell Usagi. The youma appears again and attacks the Church and the five soldiers finally goto battle together!


“Have you ever fallen in love?”

Usagi spends the day with Hikari, a friend of the family’s daughter. Hikari asks for love advice from Usagi due to Valentine’s Day coming up. It turns out that Hina is the girl Hikari’s crush likes. Can Hikari and Usagi find the courage to give their crushes Valentine’s Day chocolates?


“Calling your companions will be in vain…”

Hikari invites Usagi and Mamoru to “double-date” with her and Daichi. Makoto spies on them to make sure Usagi’s all right now that she’s discovered who Hina is to Mamoru. Meanwhile Rei suspects something is wrong with Minako. But while everyone is so preoccupied, Ami remains alone knitting mittens for her friends… until…

NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action – Acts 14 & 15




“Right now, inside Usagi…Two powers are fighting each other.”

After comfronting Kunzite, Usagi has started to turn into a youma. She collapses at the girl’s New Years party and Ami tries her hardest to save her, going as far as lying to Usagi’s mother and Naru. Will Ami, Rei and Makoto be able to save Usagi before its too late?



“Are you an idiot?”

Naru misunderstands who Usagi’s crush is and assumes its Mamoru. She sets them up on a date at a Jewelry auction where Usagi discovers the thieves that stole Minako Aino’s jewelry. Usagi decides to get them back and Mamoru tags along as well. Meanwhile, Ami, Rei and Makoto are investigating reports of missing persons and Ami seems to be bothered about her recent actions towards Naru.


Fill in your weeks without Crystal with the live-action series!

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NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action – Act 13

updatesgraphic_pgsm13 PGSM_Act13_0158 ACT 13: KUNZITE, THE LAST OF THE FOUR HEAVENLY KINGS “I hope he can remember with this.” When Motoki loses his beloved Kamekichi, Mamoru helps him reunite with his turtle as Usagi tags along to help. Mamoru introduces them to a kind man named Shin who found Kamekichi.  After mentioning that he has no memories, Usagi takes it upon herself to help him remember by collecting things he likes. However, Shin seems afraid of something within him..

Fill in your weeks without Crystal with the live-action series!

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