Special Bonus Release #3: Sailor Moon R: The Movie!


Download the Movie Here Translator’s Notes

Download the Special Here Translator’s Notes

This release is soft-subbed. (So, yes, you can turn off the subtitles during Moon Revenge)

These two are something we’ve seen requested time and time again over the internet, so we’ve decided to release it ourselves! We will not be translating the anime series itself any time soon in order to support the new official release. But we may do the other movies and specials!

Make Up! Sailor Soldiers

In this short, Chibiusa and Usagi eavesdrop on two girls’ conversation about the Sailor Soldiers over which one is the best. Unfortunately for Usagi, the girls don’t seem to remember Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie

A mysterious man appears before Mamoru while he and the girls visit the botanical gardens. Soon flower monsters begin attacking the neighbourhood and Mamoru is taken away by the new enemy… Sailor Moon and the Sailor Soldiers must teleport onto their asteroid base to save the world from being suffocated by flowers.

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