Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS Lyrics

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS in Paris is a special album released on March 21st 1995 featuring covers and original songs from the Sailor Moon anime with an added French flair. All vocals are performed by Hiroko Asakawa, who previously had performed the theme song for the Sailor Moon S movie Moonlight Destiny along with insert song Sailor Team no Theme.

Notably, some songs have lyrics by Kayoko Fuyumori, of Bandai Sailor Moon musical fame, as well as Naoko Takeuchi herself. Composers Takanori Arisawa and Akiko Kosaka have credits on several songs from the. Arisawa being the composer from the original anime series and Kosaka having composed a majority of the music for the Bandai Sailor Moon musicals.

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Please note we’ve only included 5 of the 10 tracks from the album. The 5 included are original to this album.

Japanese Title
English Title
Roman Mokushiroku
Roman Apocalypse
Moonlight Magic Moonlight Magic
Tsuki ni Shikumarete
Arranged by the Moon
Je t’aime Shinpi Taiken
(Je t’aime 神秘体験)
Je t’aime Mystical Experience
Ai wa Shugosei
Love is a Guardian Star


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