New Musical Release: Amour Eternal


 “This is the place our dreams converge…”

We are happy to announce our newest release: Amour Eternal just in time for the great American Eclipse!  This is the 4th of the new musical projects that began with 2013′s La ReconquistaAmour Eternal tells the story of the series’ fourth arc regarding Super Sailor Moon’s introduction and the battle against the Dead Moon Circus, a villain group that arrives during a total Solar Eclipse…  This musical also introduces a brand new cast for the Sailor Team.



Something strange happens in a single moment during the total Solar Eclipse and suddenly a Circus arrives in town. Usagi and her friends attend their auditions, but soon realise its an enemy scheme and set out to defeat them. Meanwhile, Chibiusa befriends the mysterious Pegasus who lives in her dreams. 

This musical features numbers including “Speed of Light”, “Viva Viva Dead Moon Circus” “Yami no Shin’en – The Abyss of Darkness”, “Nehelenia no Noroi” and “Koisuru Satellite”.


Download and translator’s notes can be found here.



    1. Haha, actually it really was just good timing! I fought with ripping the DVD for a few weeks until I finally got it right and then Akiko sent me the subs right before the weekend. 🙂 I was really glad we could release it for yesterday. However, I’m disappointed that a Pegasus didn’t show up for me during the eclipse…much less strange circuses… ;P

  1. could you please release le movement final ht final moment the musical of this year i know that that won’t be likely until 2018 but ill ask anyway

    1. If we decide to release the musical (Note: its dependent on our schedules and what is going on), it will be after the DVD releases which will be in March 2018. Then we will need to get a copy of the DVD for us to get the RAW files. So please be patient!

  2. The download isnt working. I gt to a certain point and then it pauses. Help! I really want to download amour eternal.

    1. Oh no! I’ll look into the issue and get back with you. If it still doesn’t work, I’ll upload it somewhere else and add a mirror link to it (apparently I never did do that, must have had an issue at the time of uploading it.) Thanks for the heads up!

    2. I was able to download from the direct download link with no issues and it opened and played fine. So my only guess is it may be your internet connection. I’ve had a few people have this happen to them in the past for some reason.

      I went ahead and uploaded the file to google drive and added that link where it says Mirror Link. You can also click here:

      If that doesn’t work, let me know and we’ll figure out something! Feel free to contact us via email. ^_^

  3. I finaly was able to gt the google drive to work. Its weird because it only cause problems fr that play the others i can download fine. But athank u so much! Im so happy now ur the best!

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