PGSM Live-Action Project: Act 01 – Trial Preview!



Act 01: I am Sailor Moon! (Trial Version)



This is a trial run for our Sailor Moon Live-Action project that is following on from our Sailor Moon Musical project. Please download the episode and give us feedback by filling out this short survey.(Click the link please!) You can also send us an ask on tumblr, reply to this post or contact us via email: or “Usagi Tsukino is a seemingly ordinary girl who one day encounters a plush toy cat named Luna. Soon, Usagi learns that she is a Guardian of Love and Justice… Sailor Moon, and that it is her duty to find the Illusionary Silver Crystal and the Princess.”  

Download Here

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a live-action remake of the popular “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” series by Naoko Takeuchi. Under the pen of Yasuko Kobayashi, these familiar characters live different lives from their former counterparts but are still recognizable as the beloved characters of the anime, manga and musicals. There are many deviations and plot turns in this series. For fans of the Sailor Moon series, this is a real treat. This is perhaps the best written version of Sailor Moon. 

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