New Musical Release: Sanctuary of Love + Memorial Talk & Live Show!

“Kurozuki… This is your final role”

Sea of Serenity.Net is proud to present this very special 21st release. This musical was to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Sailor Moon franchise, incorporating many popular numbers. It is also the final musical appearances of long time cast members, Hikari Ono and Ryuuji Kasahara. Also included with the full performance are messages from Anza, Fumina, Miyuki, Marina, the Cast and the Live Talk Show. Featuring popular songs including “FIRE”, “Sailor War”, “Sorezore no Elegy” and “Koi no Senshi ja Irarenai”

2002 Spring – Sanctuary of Love + Memorial Talk & Live Show (Ai no Sanctuary)

Download it here (right click, save as) Translator’s Notes

Usagi and her friends all attend a pro-wrestling match to support their favourite wrestler, during the match, an incident occurs and the girls must solve the mystery… When a new enemy appears behind it, the Sailor Soldiers are soon split apart, they must join together again, along with someone from their Past to solve the Sirius Mystery. Starring: Marina Kuroki as Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon Hikari Ono as Hikaru Kurozuki / Pro-Wrestling Commentator Chieco Kawabe as Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury Ayumi Murata as Minako Aino / Sailor Venus Kenji Urai as Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask Noel Miyazaki as Chibiusa / Sailor Chibimoon Megumi Yoshia as Rei Hino / Sailor Mars Yuuko Hosaka as Setsuna Meiou / Sailor Pluto Yuuka Asami as Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune Yoshiya Yukimura as Referee Nobitarou Ohki Kenji Tominaga as Sensational Jaguar Mask / Dark Dogon Miki Kawasaki as Dark Sumer / Devil Miki Ado Endou as Dark Maya / White Crow Ado …and Ryuuji Kasahara as Dark Nibiru / Black Sirius Scorpion Special Guests: Anza Ohyama, Fumina Hara, Miyuki Kanbe, Ayako Morino, Misako Iwana, Sanae Kimura, Hiroko Tahara, Emi Kuriyama, Mario Tomioka, Miki Matsuoka, Momoko Okuyama, Sakoto Yoshioka, Mao Mita, Nao Inada, Midori Ichige, Tamami Matsumoto and Kazuma Inoue. Check out our Musical Downloads section for our other musicals!

Update: 2013 Musical – La Reconquista –


“It’s time to change despair into hope…
It’s time to change destiny into a mission…”

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – La Reconquista -“

This show marks the return of the Sailor Moon Musicals with a brand new style and brand new image. It also marks the first time the original tale of the Dark Kingdom has been staged as well as the musical debut of Queen Serenity. This translation is in wonderful DVD quality for the first time.

2013 – La Reconquista

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Translator’s Notes

Mamoru fears that Usagi has become lax in her role as a Sailor Guardian. Meanwhile, Rei, Mako, Minako and especially Ami fall for a new idol group called “Pandemic 4” while at The Game Show. When the enemy is soon revealed, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians must hurry and find the Illusionary Silver Crystal before the Dark Kingdom seizes it.

This musical features numbers including “We are the Pretty Guardian”, “Soroibumi! Shiratsuki 5nin Onna” “Negai” “Inori” “Tsuki e no Kaidan” and “Sailor Battle – La Reconquista -“.


Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon: Satomi Okubo

Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury: Miyabi Matsuura
Rei Hino / Sailor Mars: Kanon Nanaki
Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter : Yu Takahashi
Minako Aino / Sailor Venus: Shiori Sakata

Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask: Yuga Yamato

Queen Beryl: Midori Hatsukaze
Zoisite: Ryo Saika

Kunzite: Mayu Iseki
Jadeite: Root
Nephrite: Koro
Lemures Baba: Mayumi Shintani

…and Jamie Natsuki as Queen Serenity

Special Guest Appearance by Kanako Momota as herself along with cameos by Shiori Tamai, Ayaka Sasaki, Momoka Ariyasu and Reni Takagi (Momoiro Clover Z)

New Release: 1999 Spring – The Legend of Kaguya Island

“The power to illuminate the Heavens that I had once kept hidden… Now, I entrust it you…”

Sea of Serenity.Net is proud this very special 19th release! This completes the Fuminamoon Section of the Second Stage for us. This is the very first completely original story to the Sailor Moon Musicals, featuring an all new set of villains in an all new locations and the musical seems to take place post-Sailor Stars.

1999 Spring – The Legend of Kaguya Island

(Kaguya Shima Densetsu)

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Translator’s Notes

With their vacation approaching, Usagi and her friends are given an exclusive deal to spend it on Kaguya Island in the South Pacific, but while on the ship, sea monsters attack and the situation worsens from there. Shipwrecked on the Island, the Sailor Soldiers find themselves unable to transform, while the island staff pretend that all is normal, the girls go hunting for the legendary jewels. Meanwhile, Chibiusa, now a bit more grown up, runs away after a big fight with her Mother in the 30th Century. During all this, not just one, but two enemy groups pursue Sailor Moon for grudges going back 5000 years. Chibiusa must band together with her new friends and help Sailor Moon and the Sailor Soldiers solve the mysteries of the ancient past and find out if Princess Moon was really the benevolent Goddess they had always believed in… Starring: Fumina Hara as Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon Hisano Akamine as Ami Mizuni / Sailor Mercury Eri Kanda as Rei Hino / Sailor Mars Emi Kuriyama as Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter Nao Inada as Minako Aino / Sailor Venus Mao Mita as Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn / Kon Seiko Nakazawa as Setsuna Meiou / Sailor Pluto Hironari Amano as Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask Yuuta Mochizuki as King Endymion Ayano Gunji as Chibiusa / Sailor Chibimoon Miho Komiya as Cook Nanami Ikeuchi as Hook Rika Kawai as Mick Hikari Ono as Loof Merrow Kanako Yamamoto as Leah Ruby Akiko Miyazawa as Bilhah Emerald Miki Kawasaki as Zilpah Sapphire Ado Endou as Dark Menorah …and Atsushi Kashimura as Dark Plasman Check out our Musical Downloads section for our other musicals!

Special Release: MTV Live 2014 Sailor Moon 20th Anni. Concert!

updatesgraphic_generictumblrgraphic   Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute! Starring: Haruka Fukuhara, Shoko Nakagawa, Mitsuko Horie (Galaxia’s voice actress) and Momoiro Clover Z, hosted by VJ Boo! Sorry for the relatively long hiatus but here’s our special release before we get back to musicals! (There’s three already completed, so don’t worry about this project slowing that down!) We present to you, a subtitled version of the recent MTV Concert celebrating Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary. This is the TV Recorded version so there are actually several numbers missing, but nonetheless, it’s very enjoyable. (…and Candy Candy is still there, so its fine) Commercials have been included, they have been subtitled too, but only the first time they appear… Right click and save as to download! You can also download the individual songs( or as a pack) from our website to listen to! Set List Included: Haruka Fukuhara: 1) Princess Moon 2) Nameko no Uta 3) Pyon Pyon Pyon Shoko Nakagawa: 4) HEART MOVING 5) “Rashiku” Ikimasho 6) Sakasama no Sekai Mitsuko Horie: 7) Candy Candy 8) Sailor Star Song Momoiro Clover Z: 9) Momoiro Clover Z Overture 10) Moonlight Densetsu 11) Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku – Dainana Gakushou “Mugen no Ai” 12) Tuxedo Mirage